Tools for Healthy Living


In between your acupuncture treatments or your nutrition consultations, there will many days and opportunities to ensure you are looking after yourself, ensuring that you are well and will be well for the months and years to come.

Below you will find articles on tools for Healthy Living, lifestyle advice, diet advice that will help you live your life as well as you can.

  • Acupuncture and Nutrition

    The Emotional Toll Of The Coronavirus

    In the last few weeks, one thing has become apparent. The atmosphere has changed and people have been fearful and panicky. There has also been so much anxiety mixed with it. How often are you allowed ...

  • Supporting Our Immune System

    Thanks to the Corona Virus, there has never been a time when protecting ourselves from pathogens and strengthening our immune system has felt as relevant as it is today. You probably have seen a lot o...

  • acupuncture and anxiety

    5 Steps To Live Anxiety Free

    If you struggle with anxiety, if it’s getting in the way of your everyday life, stopping you from enjoying the things around you, then you are not alone. Our modern life is full of stresses. From ra...

  • The Secret Of A Healthy Life

    There has been a recurring subject coming up recently in my clinic. One about self-care. Whether you want to have more energy, be more relaxed or less anxious, the first step is often to start looking...

  • Are You In Danger Of Burning Out?

    In a society where the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality is put on a pedestal, where long hours are the norm, burnout has become an epidemic. Burnout tends to affect more women than men, probabl...

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