Optimise Your Fertility

Egg quality, the thickness of the uterine lining, conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, low AMH, all of these can affect fertility in various ways.

Below you will find articles on those specific issues as well as how nutrition and Chinese Medicine can help you overcome those stumbling blocks.

Cervical Mucus in Fertility

How Do I Know I Am Fertile Enough? The Role Of Cervical Mucus

Most of the time, during a woman’s cycle, cervical mucus stays a bit hidden and frankly looks useless. But around the time of ovulation, it suddenly becomes a superhero, crucial to fertility. Without cervical mucus, the probability of conception drops to the floor and pregnancy is unlikely to happen.

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vitamin D for fertility

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take For Fertility?

Several studies show that lower vitamin D levels are associated with lower pregnancy rates and lower live birth rates, both when women are getting pregnant naturally and with IVF

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How to translate the language of your periods to improve your fertility

When women come to see me with fertility issues, we spend a lot of time talking about their periods and what they look. Periods have a language of their own, one that can help us understand better what sort of hormonal imbalances there are.

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Gluten, wheat and PCOS

Why Is Gluten Intolerance Such An Important Factor In PCOS

PCOS can have many root causes. Metabolic issues such as insulin resistance is one of those but gluten intolerance is often a forgotten cause of PCOS.

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Why Is Diet So Important For Fertility?

There is something uniquely painful in trying to conceive and seeing the dreaded period come again and again. There is a heart-sinking feeling with each period. It is being resentful and angry at seeing friends or family members all getting pregnant around you, seemingly without any issue. And there is the stress from the waiting, from all the appointments with the GP and fertility specialists, and from the feeling that sex is now only this practical tool for conception rather than a way towards connexion and pleasure.

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