Are you tired of band-aid solutions that never quite get rid of your symptoms?




Most of the time, when people have a health problem, they come out with a prescription from their GP or consultant that treats the symptoms. So, it might be some iron tablets when they have been tired, Clomid if they are not ovulating or Imodium if they have diarrhoea. This rarely addresses the root cause of their problem.


This is where nutrition and Functional Medicine is different.


Through diet and lifestyle advice, Functional Medicine aims to address the root causes of your symptoms to promote long term wellbeing. It’s the medicine of ‘WHY’. Why do you, as an individual, have those particular symptoms?

It recognises that we are all different, have different genetic background, different lifestyle, different health history and different diets. Functional Medicine helps to make sense of those seemingly unrelated symptoms, starting with looking at you as a whole person rather than just looking at what sort of disease you have.


So, what is happening during a nutrition/Functional Medicine consultation?


During the consultation, we will review your diet as well as any lifestyle behaviour that could make your condition worse. We will look at the influence of your environment (e.g. toxic load from food or beauty products you are using).

You will get some advice on what foods would be beneficial for you. I will also give advice on which supplements could be helpful as well as recommend some functional tests if appropriate.


There are 3 steps to the process.


1- Book your free 15 mins Discovery Call


This call serves different purposes:


    • We will discuss what sort of issues you have and see how Functional Medicine can help you.
    • It’s an opportunity for you to see how Functional Medicine works and ask any questions you have about the process.
    • You’ll also be able to decide if I am the best choice as a health care provider.


2- New patient evaluation


This is your first session together and is an information gathering session. It is all done online in the comfort of your own home. The appointment will last between 75 to 90 mins and include approximately 5 hours of my time to develop your treatment plan afterwards. We will review:


    • your current signs and symptoms and define what are your chief complaints.
    • your health history, family history, any lab test you might have done before (incl those done by your GP).
    • your current diet and any changes you might have done before.


I will also ask you to complete a detailed Intake Form 48 hours prior to the consultation.


You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan 2~3 days afterwards. This will include:


    • Diet advice
    • Supplement recommendation (if required)
    • Functional testing recommendation (if required)
    • Advice on stress management, sleep, reducing toxic load etc… depending on what is relevant to you.


3- Follow-ups


There are 2 follow up sessions including in our package. These are typically scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. We will review your progress, discuss any ‘sticking points’ and reassess the various recommendations I sent you.

This will also be the time when we will discuss the result of your tests if relevant.




Nutrition Care Plan – 3 months package



New Patient Evaluation (75 to 90 mins)

+ 2 Follow-ups session (45 mins each)







Individual follow-ups (for existing patients only)


45 mins for each session



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